Henney Kilowatt Advertisement (n.d., but most likely circa 1961)

An article in the February 4, 2001 Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) (Smedly, Gene, News, page C4) said thirty of the 125 KILOWATTs made were delivered to power companies, and the remaining (95!) were "purchased by a Florida car dealer."

If anyone knows of the truth about this car dealer, please let me know.


(Wasson, E.D. Letter to Mr. C.H. Hohenshil, 16 December 1960.)

"Dear Mr. Hohenshil;

"Thank you very much for your inquiry concerning our electric powered automobile, the KILOWATT.

"Until just recently, we had not offered the KILOWATT for sale to the public. We were selling them to the utility companies in all parts of the country. We have now shipped KILWATTS to 32 electric utility companies and all are operating satisfactorily. Based upon this, we are now offering these cars to the public for purchase.

"The KILOWATT has a top speed of 30-32 miles per hour and a range of 50-60 miles per battery charge. Recharding of the battery is done in about ten hours from any 110 volt, 60 cycle outlet that has a capacity of 20 amperes. Battery chargers are bulit into the car. Average operating results of the tests made by both ourselves and these utilities show that about three miles per kilowatt hour can be expected. Of course, this will vary considerably with drivers and terrain."

"The price of the KILOWATT, complete with batteries and built-in chargers, is $3,650.00 f.o.b. Bloomington, Illinois. This price is subject to the normal 10% Federal Excise Tax and any state or local taxes which may apply.

"We are prepared to make immediate shpiment of any orders received. Color selection is red, black, or grey. We would most certainly like to include you among our satisfied customers of the car of the future.

"Very truly yours,

E.D. Wasson (signed)"

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