Manufactured 1959-1961 in limited fleet production, the Henney Kilowatt was a Renault Dauphine glider fitted with a General Electric Motor installed by the Eureka Williams Company (Bloomington, IL) in contract with the Henney Coach Company. This unique vehicle was not intended for the private consumer - instead it was marketed to electric companies, the purpose being transporting meter readers on their routes and promoting electric energy use. A few orders for individuals were taken before manufacturing stopped, but because of limitations in cost and design, this model of electric car history never successfully hit the road. It is unknown exactly how many of these unique electric cars were made (one source said less than 250 were completed although 400 gliders were ordered and another said only 125 were made). During my research of the car, I found only a few that are currently known to exist (and run).

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures on this site are from Aaron and Cara Choate's 1961 Henney purchased on 18 October 2003 (which may or may not be an accurate restoration). The Kilowatt is currently sitting in our driveway after being driven as a commuter vehicle for a few years. Because of changes in circumstances, a new house, and a further commute, we're selling our little blue cutie and are currently making payments on Karmann Electra, a highway-speed-capable 1972 Ghia, and scooting closer errands on our Ego, which has no name other than "ego" (although my name turns into "super" when I'm on it, and I call the road "id"). We have a buyer in queue, but we'll try to get this legacy site complete before we drive this EV for the last time.

Any interest in our other electric vehicle fascination should visit the EV related posts at Aaron's here-n-there blog

The Henney Kilowatt is a proud member of the Austin Area Electric Automobile Association.