Stonehenge-on-the-Guadalupe through the windows of the Henney (off to the left and out of picture is an Easter Island head. I love Texans).


Known (on the web, at least) Henney Kilowatts in the world:

The EV Gallery lists Charles Havranek's '59, Ian Clifford's '59 and James Jarrett's '59 Henneys. Hopefully mine will be up soon.

Charles Havranek's 1959 Henney site. His Kilowatt was purchased from Jack Gretta (seen here and here).

Feel Good Cars (Canada) president Ian Clifford liked his '59 Henney so much he decided to reproduce them. (I liked the license plate so much I applied for it. We'll see if it's available in Texas (*fingers crossed*)

James Jarret (a very cool person) just got his '59 Henney "Lady Penelope" on the road the day I sent him an e-mail asking him if I should buy one.

The Phoenex EAA listed a Henney for sale in their classifieds, but when I tried to contact the email address, it bounced (I didn't try to call. I did a stint as a telemarketer and I really hate talking to people on the telephone).

Some EV History on the Henney.